What is PEP?

The Popular Education Project (PEP) is a collective of organizers and popular educators from popular movements in the United States. Together we have decades of experience working in diverse communities of struggle, including organizing workers, immigrants, homeless people, survivors of police abuse, youth, faith communities, antiwar, and local peace economy activists.

PEP is a collective of hopeful militants, indignant with the injustice in the world and committed to overcoming global oppression and exploitation, wherever it exists.


As organizers, we have experienced the challenges in understanding how our economic system is built and how our society works. As a result of our collective lack of political education, we have struggled to diagnose our issues, determine the most appropriate demands, and connect with other groups with whom we could build power, especially groups outside the United States.

As a political education collective in the United States of North America, PEP, we understand the necessity of internationalism, anti-imperialism, and the rejection of American exceptionalism through struggle and solidarity with the dispossessed worldwide.